USO Wisconsin Continues Outreach Work to Military Members Across State

WISCONSIN (SPECTRUM NEWS)— USO Wisconsin is continuing their outreach work to members of the military across the state.

Many men and women from Wisconsin are continuing to serve their country during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s not easy, and USO Wisconsin is hoping to make an impact on their families.

“What USO is hoping to do is let the military know that the community is grateful for what they are doing for putting themselves at risk and their families making sacrifices to try to keep us healthy, to try to keep our community thriving because they are doing the things a lot of people don’t want to do,” Josh Sova with USO Wisconsin said.

Members of the military are helping test patients for COVID-19 and standing in at the polls during primary elections. But most of all, they are spending time away from their families while deploying overseas and across Wisconsin.

“There are thousands of military here who are helping with doing tests of COVID- 19, helping the communities, setting up temporary hospitals if they are needed. Just doing whatever is needed their families are at home just trying to work or raise kids all while worrying about their spouse,” Sova said.

So the USO is helping by making masks, donating food, having celebrities make videos for families and even throwing virtual baby showers.

“Usually we do a real live baby shower because they don’t have a sister or aunt around to throw them a baby shower because they don’t love near their extended family. The USOP tries to be a support system for them and throw them a virtual baby shower,” Sova said.

Their goal is to step in wherever they can to lend a helping hand to those who sacrifice so much.

See interview with USO Wisconsin Executive Director, Josh Sova, on Spectrum News

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